The existence of the Internet is killing businesses. And these business owners never know why the customers simply dried up. They never adjusted to the new reality of how modern business is done.

This new reality means almost all your new prospects will swing by the Internet at some point in seeking the goods and products you provide – either in a fresh search for your type of business, or if they already know of your business, in an effort to learn more of your business and to check you out. A business dies silently  if it “fails online” simply because it will never be contacted. The consumer goes elsewhere. Business dries up. So what about the Internet kills a business?

1. No business presence online kills. To consumers today, if a business in not online, it simply does not exist.

2. Incorrect business information online kills. One common trait exists among Internet users – lack of patience. Even if a business did not directly publish incorrect information a searcher finds (wrong phone number, incorrect address, out of day business hours) the business is penalized for the bad info. A business must be diligent in knowing what’s out there about the business.

3. No website kills. It’s a given now. Real businesses have websites. Don’t have one? If your competitor does, well, simply put, you lose.

4. An out-dated “look” kills. Even if you do have a website, does it look like an ancient one – in Internet terms, one four or five years old, or more. Consumers have been trained in how a good website looks and performs.

5. A broken website kills. We’ve all experienced it. We click on the page of a website and nothing happens, or we get an error message. Guess what? The business is immediately stamped “loser” and dies.

6. A “non-responsive” website kills. A responsive website is one that re-configures on the fly to adjust and function well no matter the device the searcher is using – desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. New business can come through any device, so be prepared. About half of all searches now come from mobile devices.

7. A website that fails to provide essential information, immediately, kills.  Your website better have your phone number, address, map, and other contact info (like an email form) handy.

8. Bad reviews kill. Even if consumers have been referred to you by their best friends, it’s just too easy to check out your business out. A bad review can shoot down your referral in a hurry. Can you imagine what happens to a searcher who knows nothing of your business and finds bad reviews?

9. No reviews kill. Does a truly modern active business have no reviews? Or, look at it another way. Your business has no reviews and your competitor has three good ones. You lose.

10. Failure to educate kills. Consumers have changed how they seek goods and services. Previously, consumers did their research in the field – going to the store or to the professional office to do their research. Now, consumers do research online. Information and content are king. You need to be the leading educating expert online.

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