Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you enter the new year, may we make some resolution suggestions for your business? Surprisingly, they all have to do with your online presence.

1. Get registered at Google My Business. See the discussion in the prior article.

2. Build a website for your business.

3. Improve an existing website. How about spicing it up with some new content and some up-to-date photos? Check your “on page SEO” to make sure the website is “communicating well” with Google and the other search engines and the right message is getting through to your prospective customers.

4. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Use Google’s free tool to test your site.

5. Improve your search engine rankings by enhancing your local directory citations.

6. Improve your search engine rankings by developing a link growth strategy.

7. Get your business involved more strategically on social marketing platforms, like Facebook.

8. Develop and implement an effective online customers reviews program.

9. Get a free detailed analysis of your current online presence (all the things mentioned above and more) from @tlanta inbound.

10. Hire @tlanta inbound to develop and implement a profitable online marketing campaign Рso you know the right things for your business are being done and done well.

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