Talk Techie – Impress Your Friends (Part 1)

“Talk online marketing to me, Baby, and use some of the newest terms¬† – impress me.” Here’s a primer of some of the latest phrases actually informative about things valuable to you in marketing your business. Let’s get started.

1. Big footprint. I use this term often with clients. It describes your business being found all over the web – not simply in a single website. References can be made in directories, in online reviews, on social media, and even in things like videos. Searchers “discover you” in many different ways these days. The bigger your online business footprint, the better.

2. Micro moments. When marketing your business online you must be ever aware of this – computer users make split second decisions about what they want to see. Sure, your business is only a click away, but an explorer can leave you – click away – in an instant … in a “micro moment.” When developing your online image, how do you get a person to pause, linger and engage?

3. Compressed Local Search. Google aspires to return the “most relevant” results when a person searches on its platform. For local searches, Google is “hyper-local,” returning information about businesses closest in physical proximity to the searcher. Over this years, these results have become much more compressed geographically. Knowing this helps a business analyze its approach to online marketing.

4. Immersive¬† Search. One writer described this as going down the “Google rabbit hole.” For a business to succeed online locally, they must develop a Google My Business profile.¬† Google now offers this information on multiple pages: Things like the basics – address and phone number – but other things like hours of operation, modes of payment, photos of the business, reviews and more. And instead of that information appearing simply on one page, an user clicks to additional pages – all on Google properties. With each click you are spending more time with Google, and Google is learning more and more about your activities, needs and desires. “He who controls the data wins.”

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