Revealing Research About Online Reviews and Local Business

BrightLocal has just issued an exhaustive report on reviews and local businesses. @tlanta inbound brings you what we consider the most significant takeaways from the report.

1. Better than word of mouth? 84% percent of people surveyed reported that they trust reviews at least as much as a personal recommendation.

2. Will a customer leave a review if asked? If ten were asked, seven said they would write a review.

3. How many reviews get read? 90% of respondents said they read fewer than 10 reviews before reaching a decision about a business.

4. After reading the reviews, what next?54% reported that they would next visit the business’ website.

5. Does the date of the review matter? Yes. Almost three quarters of consumers surveyed think reviews older than three months are irrelevant.

6. Do reviews actually create “trust?” 74% of consumers stated that good online reviews make them trust a business more.

7. Are those “stars” important? 58% of respondents said that the star rating of a local business is the most important factor.

@tlanta inbound has a great (and affordable) program for securing winning reviews for local businesses and professionals.

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