Central to marketing a business online is understanding how very distinctive it is from all other forms of marketing. SEM – search engine marketing – seeks to present a business to persons looking for the goods or services in the best position possible. Brand advertising does not work that way. Brand adverting indiscriminately puts out a message to a large group of people, whether they have any current interest in the product or service being offered or not.

Think of SEM as being the big buck during deer hunting season that wants to be found – so much so that he has a big bright target painted on its side. When people search online for your business, you want to be the target.

Hunting, fishing and shopping are all good examples of the interesting dynamic that exists with search engine marketing. A personal enthusiasm accompanies each search.

First, a searcher logs on to the computer, or takes up a smart phone, feeling empowered. The searcher is in control, knowing what he or she wants and is not adversely affected by traffic, weather or a bothersome salesperson. As a fisherman putting out from the dock, our searcher first enjoys the the thrill of the search on his own terms.

Second, our searcher has the prize in mind. She has a big fish that establishes the measure of  the venture’s success.

Third, each search educates the searcher. The more she fishes, the more she learns about the environment, the habits of the target, or the techniques of the search. Knowledge generates confidence and power.

Fourth, success in the search inspires the searcher with the satisfaction of a task accomplished and a goal achieved. This is the thrill of the conquest.

Finally, the hunters celebrate, sharing with others the details of the hunt and the traits of the trophy catch.

It is this thrill of the hunt and conquest which adds spice and long term profits to a business’ marketing plan. Customers who feel satisfied with their search and euphoric with their results are bound to spread the word. You want your business to have fans telling their stories and talking about you.

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