Let This Question Focus Your Marketing

It’s not my idea, but I am going to use this with all @tlanta inbound clients, and you can use it to direct your business’ marketing, online or otherwise. It’s a simple and challenging question. The question is this:

Why does your business or practice deserve to be #1?

We focus on search engine marketing for our clients – getting their business website to rank high in search engines like Google, so searchers are more likely to find it and check it out. Figuring out “how” to rank a client high is one thing. But answering “why” a client should rank well is another. Once this question gets answered we can move on the next question which is how we should tell this story in order to attract new business.

The Why’s

What are the things that makes your business different, and better, than your competition?

1. Are your prices different? No one wants to offer “cheap” services, but if you can do your work more efficiently or if the market is well over priced, get the word out. If there is one thing all searchers share it’s that they are looking for the best deal.

2. What’s your experience? How long have you been doing what you do? For certain businesses or practices, a searcher may want a high confidence level in the skill of the person providing the service, or in the quality of the good being sold.

3. Training and education? A well trained business person elicits similar responses to an experienced one: Confidence.

4. Honors and Awards? Has your business garnered accolades for services or quality of goods? If so, tell folks.

5. Reviews? If you have been reading our musings for any time, you know we think reviews can be magic for local businesses. Here’s another way to use good reviews. Repackage online reviews to sell your business. Post them to your website. Use them in your printed materials. You can even make a video using good words published on your behalf. The possibilities for alternative uses of reviews is endless.

6. Location? Is there something significant about your location that you should emphasize? More than ever convenience for the customer is valued.

7. Others distinctives?  Businesses and professional services vary greatly. Keep focusing on what makes you different, and blend those differences into your local marketing campaign.

What next?

Take your differences and let them influence every part of your marketing campaign, whether online or otherwise. Because you are telling your story, the message will be more robust and engaging. Online, the search engines will notice. Your target audience will begin finding you … and more. So, ask yourself the question: Why do you deserve to be #1?

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