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Learning to Play “the Game”

You’ve witnessed it: Young children playing soccer for the first time. Wherever the soccer ball goes, the team goes. The whole team. Both teams. Like the ball was a giant magnet, and the kiddos were bits of metal. It’s hilarious to watch.

After a decade in working specifically with local businesses, I see an apt analogy.

Local business owners are in a predicament. I believe every one of them understands that this Internet thing is important to the success of their businesses. They want to grasp the advantages that are unique to online marketing. But they face several issues.

1. The time factor. Local businesses and professional are busy, busy doing what they like to do. Marketing is a necessary nuisance. Investing the time to learn what works best online and then implementing a program takes too long.

2. The knowledge factor. There is simply too much to learn. Website construction. Link building. Google My Business. Local directory citations. Social media. Video. Online reviews. And on and on.

3. The changing rules.Even if a business owner has the time to learn online marketing, things online change so quickly that what is learned will be soon outdated, usually within a few months. There is simply  not enough time to keep up and operate your business.

As are result, local business owners and professionals are susceptible to “come ons” for the “latest greatest” online marketing promotion. Is it social media? Should I invest in video marketing? Podcasting? Email marketing? Landing pages? PPC?

Like a group of enthusiastic soccer children who do not understand the strategies of the game, business owners are running from one “great” Internet fad to another. Seldom, however, does such an approach work.

Like the kids, businesses need good coaching, the right equipment and a great plan. They also need to get the fundamentals right – fundamentals that will serve the business well into the distant future.

@tlanta inbound’s goal for every client is to do today’s work for our client with both next week and the next decade in mind. Doing things fundamentally right, knowing what to do, knowing when to do it, and then doing the work on behalf of our clients – that’s @tlanta inbound.

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