Five Ramifications of Being Found Online

Your business’ online presence sends all kinds of messages. Some obvious. Some subtle. Let’s look at a few.

1. Confirms existence. Prospects for your business are going to check it out online. All research verifies that is what the vast majority of Americans do first. If searchers do not find evidence of your business online it must not exist, right?

2. Creates warm feelings. A hunter who goes looking for a deer experiences joy upon spotting his prey. In a similar way, although probably not the extent of Elmer Fudd, an online searcher has some sense of elation in spotting her target. Make sure your business is there for her.

3. Generates a first impression. So now your business has been found. What is that first impression? Smart, sharp, in tune? Nice, engaged? Someone the searcher would like to do business with? Remember, today, your first meeting with your potential new customer, client or patient is online. Make it a good one. Make sure all your information on line is accurate, that your website and other listings clearly describe what your business does and what makes you special, and that your website is clean, easily navigated, and mobile friendly.

4. Establishes a perceived quality of your business. What a high ranking means to me, someone engaged in the business of search engine optimization: the business is doing everything right with the search engines, like Google, to get high rankings. There really is no conclusive connection to the quality or goods or services being delivered. What a high ranking means to the typical online searcher: this business must be better than those listed below it. It’s as if we think Google is looking out for us – as if search results reflect an examination of merit by the search engine. Some businesses do well online, but deliver horrible results to customers. But, generally, if I see a business that stays on top of its “online game,” I assume that it does most things well.

5. Tells searchers what others think. Online reviews are now critical to the success of businesses. Do not avoid any longer addressing this segment of your marketing plan. Regular harvesting of reviews from satisfied customers, clients, and patient is absolutely necessary to long term business survival. @tlanta inbound has a plan ready for your business today!

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