Consumer Takeover – Internet (R)evolution

Forms of marketing utilizing the power of the Internet other than SEM (Search Engine Marketing, explained below) are seeing decreasing returns. Consumers are expressing there frustration with “messages” being foisted upon them, whether in the form of email marketing, social media communications, or “beacons” chasing them around the Internet with the same ad over and over.

How is this frustration being expressed? They are checking out, tuning out, shutting down. Emailed newsletters and blogs are being unsubscribed. Facebook pages are being “unliked.” Ad blocking software is being utilized. It’s gotten so bad that some consumers are turning in their smartphones for “dumb phones.” Privacy, peace and quiet are today’s objectives.

Perspective. When it comes to all things Internet, it is important to remember the “WWW” is still a new creation. How to utilize it best for business, and business marketing, is still in its first generation of development. Common forms of branding or push marketing have made their way to Internet along with the mentality of piling upon Internet users unsolicited and undesired messages. Joining push advertising has been the advent of content marketing, loading volumes of educational and targeted information upon the Internet public. There is huge consumer push back. Overwhelmed with the “noise,” the public has issued a loud and unified “no mas.”

Above, I mentioned SEM as an exception to this consumer blow back. Search engine marketing is the heart beat of @tlanta inbound. This is the “art” of making one’s business easy to be found when consumers take to the Internet in search of goods and services, or information about goods and services, through a “search engine” like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In SEM, the consumer is empowered and in control. No message is being pushed on him or her. In this case, more information is actually desired and sought.

This form of “inbound” or “pull” marketing has been a constant now for over almost twenty years. Because of this, the objective for local businesses or professionals, is to make sure you are found, found first, and found attractive.

Don’t give up on Internet for your business. It still remains key to business success in the modern world. But as the Internet evolves, sound businesses need to hire sound Internet marketing assistance. Talk to @tlanta inbound today.

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