Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you enter the new year, may we make some resolution suggestions for your business? Surprisingly, they all have to do with your online presence. 1. Get registered at Google My Business. See the discussion in the prior article. 2. Build a website for your business. 3. Improve an […]

Metro Atlanta is forecast to add another 2.5 million people by 2040. Two and a half million MORE people. This growth will push the total population to over eight million. So here’s the question for a business owner: If your business were located in the Atlanta area, how would all these new residents find you? […]

Central to marketing a business online is understanding how very distinctive it is from all other forms of marketing. SEM – search engine marketing – seeks to present a business to persons looking for the goods or services in the best position possible. Brand advertising does not work that way. Brand adverting indiscriminately puts out […]

5. Fragmentation/Zig Zag. Search is still the king of online marketing, that’s why @tlanta inbound always makes sure our clients are fundamentally sound in search engine marketing first – they are found advantageously when a person searches either specifically for your business or for your type of business or for the goods or services your […]

It’s not an easy recipe. I would suggest hiring a cook instead of trying it yourself. However, a general idea of what goes into this recipe of online success for a local business is important for business owners. 1. The Goal – High Rankings in Search Results. The most important form on online marketing for […]

Before we jump into this, I understand that your business may have a website domain name that you have been using for years. No problem. Seldom have I recommended a client change a domain. And a business can still optimize their website even if another domain name might have worked better. So let’s get started. […]

I have run a very unscientific poll. I asked women what “it” is about a “man in uniform.” I even googled the phenomenon. My thought was that if I could get to heart of this attraction, I might be able to learn somethings about marketing a business online. Here are some of the traits of […]

The existence of the Internet is killing businesses. And these business owners never know why the customers simply dried up. They never adjusted to the new reality of how modern business is done. This new reality means almost all your new prospects will swing by the Internet at some point in seeking the goods and […]