Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you enter the new year, may we make some resolution suggestions for your business? Surprisingly, they all have to do with your online presence. 1. Get registered at Google My Business. See the discussion in the prior article. 2. Build a website for your business. 3. Improve an […]

“Talk online marketing to me, Baby, and use some of the newest terms  – impress me.” Here’s a primer of some of the latest phrases actually informative about things valuable to you in marketing your business. Let’s get started. 1. Big footprint. I use this term often with clients. It describes your business being found […]

The Internet is the place to build your business. Here are eight things you can be doing to improve your business  presence – your business footprint – online: 1. Gather Reviews. Reviews continue to be the magic pixie dust of online marketing. You should be gathering online reviews for your business – these will become […]

Forms of marketing utilizing the power of the Internet other than SEM (Search Engine Marketing, explained below) are seeing decreasing returns. Consumers are expressing there frustration with “messages” being foisted upon them, whether in the form of email marketing, social media communications, or “beacons” chasing them around the Internet with the same ad over and […]

Push vs. Pull (Inbound) Marketing Most forms of marketing are “push marketing” – delivering your message to a very large group of people, the vast majority having no interest at that time in the goods or services you are offering. The message interrupts – the billboard that blocks scenery, the commercial interrupting your TV show. […]

A business group I attend meets weekly at one of two churches. In struggling to get the message out to local business owners and professionals of the critical nature of their online presence to developing and maintaining new customers and clients, an analogy popped in my head. Bear with me on this – it will […]

Isn’t Twitter just for fun – so movie stars and athletes can embarrass themselves? Actually, some businesses are harnessing the 140 character tweets for their business. Twitter is distinctive from Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, but there are some similarities with each. Let’s look at steps to how Twitter can work for business, and […]

There are so many different ways to use social media to market your business. This tips list is not to be an exhaustive examination of any one platform. Rather, these are tips that you may incorporate into what you are already doing to increase the impact of your efforts. 1. Tag Tag Tag! You have […]

In our more advanced local marketing packages, we use Instagram as one of our social signals. Instagram is an Internet photo and video sharing services that actually is a social network. Users are able to take pictures and videos and automatically share those on various other social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. The […]

LinkedIn can be viewed as simply “Facebook for Business People.” But it can be more, and until recently, I did not understand the platform it provided for lead generation among many other business functions. LinkedIn is big. It’s a growing network that is approaching 70 million business professionals around the world. The average household income […]