Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you enter the new year, may we make some resolution suggestions for your business? Surprisingly, they all have to do with your online presence. 1. Get registered at Google My Business. See the discussion in the prior article. 2. Build a website for your business. 3. Improve an […]

Metro Atlanta is forecast to add another 2.5 million people by 2040. Two and a half million MORE people. This growth will push the total population to over eight million. So here’s the question for a business owner: If your business were located in the Atlanta area, how would all these new residents find you? […]

BrightLocal has just issued an exhaustive report on reviews and local businesses. @tlanta inbound brings you what we consider the most significant takeaways from the report. 1. Better than word of mouth? 84% percent of people surveyed reported that they trust reviews at least as much as a personal recommendation. 2. Will a customer leave a […]

Businesses  inevitably face negative reviews. It’s part of dealing with the public and the Internet empowers  belligerent “voices” like never before. Here are some basic tips for handling bad reviews: 1. Monitor your reviews. The sooner you catch a bad review the better. If you are an @tlanta inbound client you have our Reputation Management/Marketing […]

I have run a very unscientific poll. I asked women what “it” is about a “man in uniform.” I even googled the phenomenon. My thought was that if I could get to heart of this attraction, I might be able to learn somethings about marketing a business online. Here are some of the traits of […]

Google is “hyperlocal” and getting more so everyday. Google recognizes that half of all Internet searches are now with “local intent,” meaning the searcher wants information about something near to the place where the search is being performed. Google assumes that search results for persons, places or things nearer the searcher are the most relevant […]

The existence of the Internet is killing businesses. And these business owners never know why the customers simply dried up. They never adjusted to the new reality of how modern business is done. This new reality means almost all your new prospects will swing by the Internet at some point in seeking the goods and […]

The Internet is the place to build your business. Here are eight things you can be doing to improve your business  presence – your business footprint – online: 1. Gather Reviews. Reviews continue to be the magic pixie dust of online marketing. You should be gathering online reviews for your business – these will become […]

A professional firm is killing it – business wise. The staff is working hard to keep up with the demand. The firm’s connections are mostly personal, generated by strong networking. They have a website, but it ranks poorly in Google and the other search engines for keywords related to services the firm provides. The firm […]

This is the fourth installment in our effort to outline steps a local business should initially take in their online marketing. These installments have focused on getting the business found and ranked well in search engine results. Previously we have looked at getting registered with Google My Business. We followed that with an article on […]