I have run a very unscientific poll. I asked women what “it” is about a “man in uniform.” I even googled the phenomenon. My thought was that if I could get to heart of this attraction, I might be able to learn somethings about marketing a business online.

Here are some of the traits of an uniformed man, and how these traits are instructive about how a business should do the Internet:

1. He looks good. This is a simple one. Your online presence needs to be winsomely attractive.

2. He’s clean. Make sure you are clean online – consistent data, functional website. Make sure everything looks up to date.

3. He’s sharp. I understand this as smart. You need to create confidence in visitors that you smart, and detailed. If your are being picked above your competition, you need to stand taller, straighter, and present a clear, smart image.

4. He appears thoughtful and intentional. If the prior point dealt with intelligence, I would characterize this point as a combination or wisdom and maturity – doesn’t a soldier appear wiser and more mature than his contemporaries? How do this for your business online? First, don’t try to be silly. And then make everything about your online presence – website, directories, reviews – reflect a thoughtful business operation.

5. He provides protection and security. Offer your visitors clear messages that you take their interests seriously, will treat them fairly, and provide for their security.

6. He is strong and confident. The most attractive traits are confidence and strength. Make it clear in your online presence that you are stronger than the competition. Express confidence.

7. He’s courteous. Think how you can convey politeness, concern and respect to people who find you online. It’s a real plus if you can give an attractive message message in a courteous, not overbearing way.

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